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Our Benefits

Mineral Consulting Services Suited to Your Needs

What sets ELF Energy apart is that we provide all of our customized services in a timely manner, and we're always accurate. Clients also receive one comprehensive check each month. When turning to our oil and gas management firm, you'll never have to deal with purchasers, operators or joint billing or leasing agents. Additionally, we also pay all property expenses and taxes on your behalf. Call today for your free consultation and to get started.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Consolidation of Mineral Management
  • Always Available for Clients
  • Less Expensive
  • Deal with a Single Point of Contact
  • Due Diligence Records Checks
  • Inventory & Analysis
  • Proactive Leasing
  • Research of Leasing Offers
  • Proactive Leasing of Non-Producing Properties
  • Search for Suspended or Escheated Funds
  • Centralization of Records in One Location
  • Notify Purchasers & Change Addresses
  • Account Reviews (Semi Annually, Annually, Whenever Needed)
  • Lump Monthly Payments to Clients
  • Annual Documentation for Tax Purposes